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Guestbook for Phil Lewis Art
Love your work. Great job!
43.Deina Fuller(non-registered)
So excited to have stumbled on your beautiful quirky designs!
41.Jessica Gaik(non-registered)
I hung up the green scheme by my front door! It looks awesome and the dog picture is so cute...Sam (my lab) loves it! Hope you had a great time at Phases Festival and maybe I will see you guys in Boulder sometime!
40.August Fesi(non-registered)
Getting to see your work at RockyGrass was awesome! I look forward to collecting some of your pieces!
39.Polly Mottonen(non-registered)
One of the very best experiences at this years' Telluride Blugrass Festival was getting meet you and your art.

As I mentioned to you, I would love to see your work on CATALYST sometime this year. The boys love the frisbe golf discs and the owl graces my guitar case and may even inspire me to play again. (!)